This year’s Crypto-Crash has quietly been worse than the Dot-Com Era. Thankfully it doesn’t feel nearly as bad for most people

The 2018 plunge in the value of Crypto-currencies has now exceeded in both percentage and speed of the crash. For those betting on a comeback you can trade Bitcoin Futures through your OneTRADEx account.

See Bloomberg’s piece here – Crypto’s 80% Plunge Is Now Worse Than the Dot-Com Crash

Remembering back to investing in the late 90’s through 2000 the drop in Bitcoin and other Crypto’s doesn’t seem to be nearly as bad as the NASDAQ imploding.  The Crypto space has been sort of a side bet and the total losses in excess of $600 billion while large are not close to the market cap lost in the Dot-Com era.  Thankfully the mainstream economy has been mostly insulated from the blood-bath that has been taking place in Crypto.