I’ve been a client of ONETRADEX since October 2014.  The account platform is smooth, easy to use and the trades execute as they should.  SUPURB customer service – usually same day or next day – and far   better than I ever got from any of my USA brokers.  Commissions are quite reasonable, compared to other offshore brokers.  My account with ONETRADEX is offshore but I still get a 1099 at the end of the year so taxes withheld can be captured back when I file my USA tax return.  Reports are easy to access, download, Excel compatible, and account information can easily be configured as I need.  I’ve shopped offshore brokers from Hong Kong to Panama to Madagascar and ONETRADEX is tops in all head-to-head comparisons.  I’ve nothing but praise for ONETREADEX and highly recommend them.”

Ron in Punta del Este, Uruguay

Trading in a real-time context requires not only the state-of-the-art trading platform but also a real-time service and support. The Onetradex team has been superb in providing timely answers to any question that I have had in the process of application, as well as in the use of their technically excellent and user-friendly platform. Consistently with their customer-focused and highly personalized approach, they would also anticipate your possible questions and provide you with the respective information even before you ask. This creates high trust and makes you feel like a very specially privileged customer. Congratulations!

Milenko, Slovenia

“I’ve had an active account with OneTradex now for over a year, and the personal service has been stellar.  As a “newbie” to the stock market, the help and guidance I’ve received has been indispensable – and their patience with me laudable.  I might also add that the interface on my office computer to access my account and follow the market is terrific.  Any problems I’ve encountered over the past year have been dealt with quickly and professionally.  I highly recommend OneTradex!”

Alain, George Town

“Exceptional customer service and response time!  Highly knowledgeable support team. Would highly recommend them.”

Carey,  Loja, Ecuador

“OneTRADEx is a very high quality operation which combines excellent customer service with being a true discount brokerage.  A rare combination.”

Blair, George Town, Cayman Islands

“I recently opened accounts with OneTradeX. Their service has been totally professional from start to finish. They are extremely helpful and act in a timely fashion to all enquiries. Most importantly they provide the personal touch which sadly seems on the decline in the financial world these days. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Jim, Panama City, Panama

“Excellent online accounting and online trading capability, fast response from the principals of OneTradeX to my inquiries, and professionalism in all aspects of the business are among the things I’ve found at OneTradeX.  I’m very pleased to be a client of OneTradeX.”

Reuben of Georgetown, Cayman Islands

I’ve been a trader for over 25 years and execution is extremely important to me. I find that I get that and more when trading with OneTRADEx. Plus they’re  always just a call away to help me with any little problem I might incur during a trading day. Great Platform……….Great Guys…….Wouldn’t trade with anyone else!

Brian  Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

“The principles behind ONETRADEX makes this company more than just an online discount brokerage service, they have proven themselves to be a full service broker dealer with individual reputations that make ethical business and investment decisions a top priority for their clients.  The level of service I’ve experienced with ONETRADEX has gone beyond your usual client/broker customer service. I highly recommend establishing a relationship with this company.”

 Daniel, Lima Peru 

“Management of Onetradex are really willing to go the extra mile in giving advice and support in an easy going way of communication.”

John and Simone, Doha, Qatar

“I find the OneTradeX website to be the perfect site for all my offshore investments.  I get a complete picture of my current investment status and the flexibility to move from stock bond investments to currency investments in the same website.  The added services make OneTradeX a home run!”

AJ Belize 

“OneTradex is absolutely the best brokerage firm with which I have ever been. The staff are very patient and very helpful; In my opinion, they really have their clients’ best interests in their hearts. For instance, I had many issues with transfering my securities from my Canadian firm to OneTradex. The staff at OneTradex exchanged dozens of emails with me and the Canadian firm, plus many personal phone calls, to have the issues finally resolved. I would definitely recommend OneTradex for anyone who is interested in investing in Cayman Islands. You can count on them to meet your investmental needs.”

Grant – Vancouver, Canada

I have been a client of Onetradex for over a year and have the utmost respect for the entire team and staff. They have a professional approach and by doing so created a seamless business with exceptional customer support, quick response times and an exceptionally easy task for myself to recommend Onetradex to colleagues, friends and family. I have had the pleasure of dealing with management in person and over the phone and would give them both five stars on their efficiency and productivity.

Jack  Grand Cayman – Cayman Islands

A great platform, even for a novice at online trading.  It is easy to use but has powerful features and reports to help you keep track.

Andrew from George Town, Cayman Islands

I was very pleased to have been introduced to One Tradex.  I found the guys very friendly, unassuming and extremely helpful.  They simplified the understanding of how to invest in the market and guided me in my selection.  I found them very helpful.Thank you.

C.S. Gill, George Town Cayman Islands